Classified Advertisement on the Gaited Horses site.
SPECIAL  February, March and April - Place 2 ads get THIRD FREE!
Ad will run for the length that the paid for ads run at NO CHARGE! Simply submit and pay for the first two ads, then send in the text and photo for the free third ad!

Yes there are other "Free" classified ad sites online, but with the Gaited Horses Classifieds, all the people looking are LOOKING FOR A GAITED HORSE! Why not let them FIND YOURS! The cost of running an ad is less than what it costs you to maintain your horse for a week! So those free ad sites really just do not AD UP!

Photo Classified Ad Fee:
4 months for $41.00 (one month free with 3 months prepaid*). 
2 months for $34.00
1 month for $27.00
All ads include a $20.00 set up fee.
Limited to ONE Photo and 30 words or additional charges will apply. 

Text only ad $5.00 a month Email Link Only. Limited to 30 words or additional charges will apply.
Form to place ad.

All ads are subject to the approval of Gaited Horses
Payment MUST be received within 5 business days of ad being received by email, or ad will be removed from the Web Site.