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At this location you will find Breeders, Trainers, Suppliers and Clubs that have become a part of the Gaited Horses community.
These folks are supporters of the Gaited Horses site.

Why is that important?
Gaited Horses has become the premier location online to locate information about the various gaited breeds.
Make no mistake, it's expensive in time, dollars and energy to develop free resources such as Gaited Horses offers.
We have a vast array of information that is pulling the traffic to the site.
Many of these people are LOOKING TO BUY a Gaited Horse or have a Gaited Horse and need or want services.
The only way we can continue to maintain and grow is
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Starting in April, this page will have a prominent link location on multiple pages on the Gaited Horses site. Including the Front Page, Stallion Service Directory, Classified Ads and the Ask A trainer page ( some of our most frequented pages).

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This will be an area that you can have a dedication in memory to a special person or horse, show off your favorite equine friend or just help support the Gaited Horses site because you see it as a valuable resource that you want to remain online.. 
Includes one image in each listing and 200 words of text. 
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