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The Gaited Horses site has become an on going and ever increasing resource online for information about Gaited Breeds. The site has to have continuing income to support itself and to continue to grow and improve. This page is dedicated to the folks who have enjoyed and benefited from the resources on the site and wish to see the efforts continue. Please JOIN our Gaited Horses Gang! BECOME a supporter!

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"The Gaited Horses Gang"
Gaited Horses Business Gold Membership
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Individual(s) who want to support our site as a resource online. 
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Cydney & Robert Blakeslee GHG Gold  5-03 PA
Jeanne Maust PA
Karen & Thomas Edmonds GHG Silver  PA
Gary Loos  GHG  Silver 8-03 OH
Teresa Moore MS
Denise Hayden OH
Robert & Elaine Moore VA
Sherry Seybold GHG Silver 8-03 CA
Dwight & Dianne Glenny IA
Kathy & Dale Rice OR
Wm. J. & Donna S. Van Evera MN
Stan Dvoskin (Stoney)  10-03  NY
Becky Landrum    GHG Platinum  7-03

For my daughter Stacie, in tribute to her adoration of her Paso Fino Gelding Sergeant.

Faustina  GHG Platinum LA
Beth J Anderson MS
Melissa A. Mathurin   GHG  Silver 7-03 FL
PMS  Pam Salzer  AR
Kim M. Dauria           GHG  Silver SC
Sandra B Jackson       GHG 9-03 MS
Kathy Rice                  GHG  Silver OR
Trailgaiter  Sharon Winsness   GHG  Gold MN
Pat Kimmi                  GHG Silver KS
Kristy M. Mitchell 8-03 GA
Helen Walter           GHG  Silver 7-03 VA
Linda M Myers       GHG  Silver 10-03  PA
Kelly Wemark       GHG  Gold AK
Margaret Pierce 12-03 Amy WI
Craig & Susan Thatcher  GHG  Silver AZ 
Joanna Swartz  12-03  PA
Bonnie Bilger CA
Cheryl McGregir GHG  Silver 1-04  TN
Dana Jones  GHG Platinum
Kathy Samples 3-04  WA
Claudia LaChance GHG Silver 4-04 PA
Ronald and Judith Spitzer GHG Silver 4-03 IL
Katheryn Taylor  GHG  Silver  8-04 CT
Barbara LeMay GHG  Silver 5-04 VA
Mark & Barbara McCray GHG  Silver  5-03 CO
Susan Hoff  GHG Silver  5-03 WI
Ralph Webb GHG Silver  5-03 NC
Valerie Lease GHG Silver  5-03 CA
Elaine and Steve Slick GHG Gold 6-03 IN
Gloria Butler GHG Silver 6-03 MS
Jill Amaral  GHG Silver 7-03 MA
Jeane Root GHG Silver 7-03 CA
Patty Leyshack GHG Silver 7-03 PA
Raylin Forshey GHG Gold 8-03 OH
Kevie O'Haver 8-03 MS
Chris Harrell GHG Silver 8-03 OH
Joann VanHorn GHG Platinum 9-04 OH
Hunter Reaves GHG Silver 8-03 NC
Kerry Hand GHG Silver 8-03 NJ
Jean Eckhoff GHG Silver 8-03 FL
Tammy Wenzel GHG Gold 8-03 WI
Holly Stapleton  8-03 OH
Hope Robinson 9-03 MO
Kathlyn Grossman 9-03 CA
Joyce Doonan GHG Silver 9-03 VA
Mary E Childress GHG Silver 9-03 TN
Tammy--MI 9-03 MI
Terri Folks 10-03 OK
Lisa King GHG Silver  10-03 WI
Jean West GHG Silver  10-03 OR
Christine Carr GHG Silver  10-03 CA
Kysa Gilkerson   10-03 SD
Laurie Butler GHG Silver  10-03 TN
Cynthia Yonkers GHG Gold  10-03 MI
Dawn M McCurdy GHG Gold  11-03 GA
Allyn F Linas 10-03 VA
Susan L Panchenko 11-03 CA
Dorothy Marsh 11-03 NY
Sharon E Kenny 11-03 Zephyr's Mom ME
Christine Frank 12-03 PA
Twila 12-03 PA
Carolyn Masseria GHG Silver  12-03 OH
Terrie Wilkinson GHG Silver 8-04 FL
Lisa Solitario GHG Silver  12-03 NY
Andrea Prewitt 1-04 $20.oo OH
Joanne Nelson GHG Silver  3-04 NJ
Sharon Turbyeville Lady Luck GHG Silver 3-04
Sallie Shibley shianne35 GHG Silver 3-04 
Robin Bobek 3-04 $10.oo MI
James (Fred) More GHG Silver  3-04 IN
Bill Martin GHG Silver  5-04 TX
Pamela K. Vann 5-04
Thomas Detko 5-04
Joyce Wiant 5-04 Granny O OH
Robert LeMay 6-04
Debra Racheter 6-04 AR
Kelley Wemark GHG Gold 8-04 trailbound
Carlyce Skjervem 8-04
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Folks who want to use Gaited Horses on a regular basis for advertising. 
Charles B. & Patricia L Carson KY
Jennifer & Bob Nichols CO

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