Ace Equine Transport strives to provide safe and affordable transportation for all equine breeds.  We provide the most reliable transportation available anywhere.  Our ONLY priority is the safe and comfortable transport of your horse.  Ace Equine pulls a 2001 Cato Classic horse trailer with a 2005 Dodge Cummins Dually.  The Cato Classic trailer can be configured into 7 slant load stalls, three box stalls or a combination of the two options.  The horses have high quality grass hay & clean, fresh water in front of them at all times. 

Dave Peterson, the owner and driver of Ace Equine Transport, boasts 10+ years of livestock hauling experience.  Dave is patient and attentive to the horses.  He makes sure they are well cared for and arrive safely at their destination.

We accept all major credit cards for your convenience.

We can provide references by email.

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For people who do not need a HUGE presence online. Each Member Site is attached to Gaited Horses, reaping the benefits of the traffic on our site. You get a short and easy to remember URL such as instead of those LONG hard to remember URL's associated with free servers and some discount hosting plans. The first 50 accounts hosted with us get a free listing in the Stallion Service listing. A free link rotation off the Gaited Horses front page. A turn at "Gaited Horses Spotlight Site" a new feature which will focus on different farm each week. All sites hosted on Gaited Horses include a link in our Farm Directory and Index of  Gaited Horses Farms and Services.
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