Colombian McClellan Saddles


I just bought a 6 year old Icelandic gelding and I'm looking for a saddle.  A local woman is selling a Colombian McClellan saddle.  Does anyone have any experience with these saddles to share?

Thanks in advance,

Corrales, New Mexico

Hello Dan...and welcome to the board!

I have NO experience with a "Columbian" McClellen, but the McClellens that I am familiar with are made for very narrow, straight backed horses.
Okay, I also have NO experience with Icelandics (never ridden one), but, from what I remember, they have more of a broader back? ???
Before you buy, make SURE you can have a trial period with the saddle to make sure it will not sore your horse's back.
Any way you could post a picture of the saddle here for us to take a look at???
It just "sounds" like it may be too narrow.
This is JMO, there may be someone out there who has experience with these....?

Have had 3,,,,

IMHO they are VERY cheaply made. Often with twisted or crooked trees which cause their own issues. They are usually a narrow tree.

I spent a lot of $ for mine, just because the quality was not there does not mean they do not have the price tag!


Donna and Beverly,

Thanks for your feedback.  Interestingly enough, I had a chance to ride a Colombian McClellan saddle today on my new Icelandic, Morgunn, and you are both correct.  It didn't fit that well and you could see it how he responded and in his gait.  We switched him over to an English saddle and he settled down into a dream ride.

The trainer we're working with recommends an endurance saddle for him so that's what we're looking for now.




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