I am new to this site. I have a short backed TWH that I used to ride in a Tucker Saddle. The saddle started to rub his back so I started on a search to find a saddle to fit him! Had to be endurance type or western. It comes down to the fact that I only have 24 inches to work with on his back. I have tried a Saare saddle which fits but not my style of ride. Has anyone had any experience with a saddle called the Kentuckian... Amish made saddle I have heard.  I have talked to lots of people trying to find a saddle with that short skirt.
 Thanks for your help!

Sherry in CA:
You might try looking at the Allegany Mountain Trail Saddles.  These are made pretty short without too much skirting.  AND, they'll work with you to get the right one, AND....they're reasonably priced.  Just do a search on that name & you should be able to find the website.

Thank you Sherry, I will do that!

They have an ad on this page.

I have been through a number of saddles. Pricey saddles at that. I have tried Steele plantation, Tucker, sharon Saare, and the 4beat imus saddle. I finally was fortunate enough to stumble up on the Kentuckian saddle. I am very impressed! My horse has not gaited so well in years. The saddle has everything I was looking for... balance rigging, fenders that move freely,a nice small bar on the endurance saddle that lets you wrap your hand around in an emergency. My horse was giving all kinds of different sizes depending on the saddle, tucker was 16 1/2 reg, Saare was a wide 15 inch. I expressed all these concerns to Glenda at G.G flat shod farms and she fixed me up with the most comfortable, secure seat saddle I have ever had the pleasure of sitting in. She stands behind her saddles and has been very very helpful to me. I highly reccommend that any one who is having saddle problems take a look at this great saddle. It fixed all my problems and is very sharp looking too boot. The saddle is very reasonable too.


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