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Anyone have experiences with the RL Watson Flex Panel saddles?  They have one size rigid tree, sitting on a flexible panel that they say will fit any horse and flex when they move and grow. It sounds interesting but I am dubious about the one-size fits all concept. I have a KMSH that is too broad for a standard medium width tree and not big enough for a wide tree, so we are in-between saddle sizes. I tried the "Custom Steele" saddle they say fits 90-99% of all mountain horses and, of course, it did not fit my mountain horse. It's not wide enough in the front and pinches his shoulders. I'm going to measure him and check with Crest Ridge and Dixieland, but if he's in-between their medium and wide trees, we still have a problem. So flex panels sound better than a totally custom-made saddle. He's just 4.5 years so he may still fill out more.

Elizabeth :HSf:.

Sherry in CA:
I've never seen one in person, but know of several HEAVY trail riders that have them now & swear by them.  All good reviews I've seen.

Not too many years ago, I had a bad experience with a flex panel saddle, so, needless to say, I stay away from them.

With your horse being still young,and not quite finished growing and filling out, I'd go with the wider tree...you can always work with different pads, but not if you buy a saddle this is already too narrow.

Go ahead and check with Debra at Crest Ridge....she knows what she's doing, and can direct you to the style, size and price that fits you.  She also will give a trial period....a MUST when saddle shopping.

Ive seen a couple beautifully crafted flexible panel saddles made by a company in Illinois. I think they are called Eldorado Saddle company. Two of my friends have them, and swear they will never own anything else now. They have a website, but I dont remember the address.Just do a search for Eldorado Saddle, and it should come right up. Good luck!

too bad you are not in oregon or I'd bring my Ortho-flex saddles over for you to try! I would not buy a new one though... I'd go with RL Watson. He crafts a fine saddle and used to work for Ortho-flex. I have used one of his Contenintal models, the quality was superb.


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